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6 men and women from One Source Talent in San Francisco requested for photoshoot

RANIPAK's persuit of achieving the hightest quality products at the most competivie price, applies to the goal of becoming a valued long term partner with consumers.

RANIPAK started its journey years ago, designing and manufactoring bags for many recognized brands of the world. However they always believed that the bags can make a bigger statement while still being functional and affordable. So RANIPAK traveled the world to understand the needs of fellow travelers, professionals, students and people in all walks of life. By utilizingg their expertise under their own label, RANIPAK was able to achieve the vision; to provide the most unique, innovative and fashion forward pieces to the consumer. Just like you, RANIPAK took on the mentality that they were customers that wanted something cool and fun to carry. RANIPAKs range of products covers messenger bags, backpacks, business cases, computer / tablet cases and sleeves, duffel bags, totes and luggage. The end resuls of Europena designs with a Global appeal is achieved in all pieces. 

The client was looking to book two females and one male talent between the ages of 18 to 25 for an upcoming project.  Talent had to have a minimum height of 5'6" and we wish them all luck!

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Daniel R
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Jennifer D
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Elvin M
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Zane G
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