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16 Chicago Talents Were Requested As Contestants For Play It Forward

16 Chicago talent were requested as contestants for the game show Play It Forward. The production for Just Say the Word Gospel TV Game Show reached out to OST looking for contestants for their Season 3 Kids Edition for 2014. Just Say the Word is a Christian TV Game Show designed to challenge contestants on just how much they know about the word of God, bringing entertainment into the Kingdom.

Working with Anil Nai on a frequent basis, the client has been viewing talent between the ages of 6 - 17 years old. The team has been casting contestants who have a passion to learn about the Bible and have fun while increasing their exposure in the entertainment industry. Contestants will also win fabulous prizes at the end of the game. On Thanksgiving, the Just Say The Word team is giving away grocery store gift cards and on Christmas, are granting a few special Christmas wishes.

The game show is broadcast weekly in Chicago and the South Suburbs in addition to streaming online. It is currently listed on the (Christian Movie Database) and now in its 5th Season, 3rd for the Kids Edition. Below are a few selected contestants, have fun kids!

View Nia W - Nine9 75009
Nia W
View Brayden R - Nine9 87672
Brayden R
View Justine Z - Nine9 87674
Justine Z
View Collisa D - Nine9 87682
Collisa D
View Moesha J - Nine9 87691
Moesha J
View Samantha N - Nine9 87846
Samantha N
View Ajahnay P - Nine9 87889
Ajahnay P
View Aniyah M - Nine9 87928
Aniyah M
View Jeremiah B - Nine9 87981
Jeremiah B
View Kemarion B - Nine9 88324
Kemarion B