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27 Kids from One Source Talent in LA requested for the TV pilot 'Camp Sunshine' starring Beau Mirchoff and Alan Thicke

Camp Sunshine is all about the counselors.  They are a hilarious, eceltic group of generation Y's who aren't exactly shining examples of humanity. As most of their big plans have failed, the counselors find themselves coming back to supervise summer camp year after year. Through a new version of the mockumentary genre, the cast explores the hilarity, quirkiness and occasional charm of this bottom-of-the-barrell institution.

Camp Sunshine will feature Alan Thicke of Growing Pains fame (and the father of singer Robin Thicke) working alongside Beau Mirchoff who has starred in the films I Am Number Four and Scary Movie Four.

The client was interested in booking kids between the ages of 8 to 10 years old.  The children will play young campers for two scences. Good luck kiddos!  Talent include...

View Allan M - Nine9 73121
Allan M
View Vachik A - Nine9 76571
Vachik A
View Alexa R - Nine9 76868
Alexa R
View Tia G - Nine9 78830
Tia G
View Danny S - Nine9 80018
Danny S
View Billy N - Nine9 81253
Billy N
View Michela C - Nine9 82862
Michela C
View Kaleena P - Nine9 85254
Kaleena P
View Anthony P - Nine9 86692
Anthony P
View Mia C - Nine9 88032
Mia C