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L.A talents 82330 & 31293 requested for Vocal Apparel test shoot

Vocal Apparel is a women's clothing manufacturer that has established its name and original style within the fashion industry since 2001. They proudly create each piece from start to finish at their U.S. based headquarters located in Los Angeles, CA.

Vocal Apparel has been dedicated to providing clients with high quality clothing at a fair price since the company's beginning.

Vocal Apparel manufacture their clothing in the U.S to maintain constant quality control during the cutting, dye, print and stone processes that each piece goes through. Each garment is strictly made with the finest materials, top notch workmanship and attention to detail.

Vocal Apparel clothing is created for women who are seeking a modern look with a vintage twist that sets them apart from the crowd. Their team is passionate about creating elaborate designs that are rebellious with vintage flair. Vocal Apparel styles always maintain the unique look that is Vocal on modern and trendy cuts. Vocal is truly one of a kind and this is what keeps clients and their customers coming back!

The client was interested in seeing Caucasian and Hispanic females between the ages of 21 and 35 for an upcoming shoot.  They are...

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Kelly L
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Maria C