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Suddenlink Cable books 10 talent from One Source in Dallas for upcoming commercial

Through the hard work of the Suddenlink team, and their unrelenting focus on customer care, plus tranformative acquisitions, billions of dollars in financings and capital investments, Suddenlink has turned a small bankrupt company into the nation's seventh largest cable operator.

Suddenlink Cable was established in February 2003. The company's products and services include high-speed internet, wireless networking, phone, digital T.V and much more. Suddenlimk services major ares of Texas, West Virgina, Louisina, Arkansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Arizona. Suddenlink currently has a customer base of 1.3 million subscribers.

Suddenlink takes pride in meeting the world head-on as an upright, honest and sincere business. Intergrity is the guiding principle. Not only is Suddenlink a family first company but they value the customer by empowering employees to have a positive attitude as Suddenlink understands that customers are the foundation for excellence.

The client was interested in booking both Caucasian male and female talent between the ages of 35 to 55 and African-American males and female talent between 45 and 60 years old. Congratulations to the booked talent who are...

View Laurence C - Nine9 39176
Laurence C
View Cynthia S - Nine9 39625
Cynthia S
View Angela W - Nine9 48549
Angela W
View Gregory W - Nine9 76523
Gregory W
View Andrew S - Nine9 81625
Andrew S
View Adrian B - Nine9 82409
Adrian B
View Dexter R - Nine9 83594
Dexter R
View Denise G - Nine9 83851
Denise G
View Ashley R - Nine9 83906
Ashley R
View Gregory R - Nine9 84339
Gregory R